MS Industry Tec

MS IndustryTec Handel & Consulting GmbH procures high-quality products for you in cooperation with selected Chinese partner companies, which are specially manufactured according to your specifications.

We draw on a wide range of materials and manufacturing processes: in addition to iron and steel parts in a wide variety of qualities, we offer components made of aluminum, zinc, bronze, brass and various plastics. Among others, the following manufacturing processes are available to you: gray cast iron (GJL, GJV, GJS), malleable cast iron (GJMW, GJMB), cast steel, die casting, injection molding, welded constructions, turning, milling, forging, stamping and bending.

Deadlines and production quality are monitored seamlessly with IT support, both in-house and at our partners in China. This shall ensure that your parts are delivered on time and in accordance with specifications.